I'll be honest, I'm a big nerd! I absolutely love the process of making podcasts.  From hitting record and interviewing to building storylines to editing out thousands of you knows, ums, and right!? 2020 ushered in a new medium of creative work for me. Quite the silver lining of the year.


The Startup Stack podcast launched in the Fall 2020 with some of the top global entrepreneurs and startup founders talking shop with Louis Beryl, CEO of Rocketplace. They share their origin stories, biz insight, trends, and tell only the best Dad jokes. I lead all stages of creative production from ideation to post production as well as developing the editorial voice on web and social. Listen + subscribe here (sorry

I legally have to write that).

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After sending hundreds and hundreds of cover letters with about a 5% response rate, I wanted to showcase my experience and passion for audio production in a more sonically pleasing way.  Check out my 2-minute podcast called The Cover Letter Podcast here.

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